Desire Conference Program

Thursday, November 10th

*****9:00-10:00 Breakfast & Registration in Room 5409 ******

First Session: 10:00-11:30

Panel #1: Objectification and Oppression, Rm. 8301 (Professor Nico Israel, CUNY)

  • “Wartime transgressions: female sexuality in WWI/II France” (Andreea Mica Prundeanu, Michigan State University)
  • “’I tell what happened to me’: Desire and failure of redemption in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace” (Sara DiMaggio, Penn State University)
  • “Entering the Dark Imaginary: Ghostly Desire and the Politics of Possession in Post-Colonial Literary Traditions” (H. Naori Bidell, University at Buffalo)
  • “Midriff, Equators, and Torrid Zones-Chiquita Banana, Carmen Miranda, and the Sexualized Good Neighbor Policy” (Dylan Burns, New York University)

Panel #2: Platonic Conceptions of Eros, Rm. 8304 (Professor Phillip Mitsis-NYU)

  • “The Rejection of Eros in Plato’s Republic: an Ironic Gesture” (Anna Strelis, New School for Social Research)
  • “Erotic Movement in Plato’s Divided Line: Desire and Knowledge” (Suzanne Paszkowski, McGill University)
  • Drink, Dionysus, & Derrida: The Role of Intoxication & Enchantment in Phaedrus & Symposium“(Claire Sommers, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “’the outward and inward man’: Socrates, his cloak, and the Phaedrus” (Donald Cross, University at Buffalo)

Panel#3: Art and Ardor, Rm. 8400 (Yu-Yun Hsieh-CUNY)

  • “Eva Hesse’s ‘ick’ Perversity: Eros Deferred” (Meredith North, University at Buffalo)
  • “’It had to be sexual’: Desire and Corporeal Displacement in Gayl Jones’s Corregidora and Cindy Sherman’s Sex Pictures” (Victoria Papa, Northeastern University)
  • “Subjects/Objects of Desire: Self-portraiture in the Early Surrealist Works of Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo” (Tara Plunkett, Queen’s University at Belfast)
  • The Kiss (1907-1908), Gustav Klimt: Erotic Symbolism (Ryan Donovan Purcell, Rutgers University)

 Panel #4: Locus of Desire, Rm. 8402 (Professor Peter Hitchcock-CUNY)

  • “‘Sin City’: desiring men in Buenos Aires” (Juan Ariel Gómez, University of Pennsylvania)
  • “Desire Incarnate: Pabst’s Pandora’s Box” (Leslie Reed, Vanderbilt University)
  • “Dark and De-sexed: Kojèvian desire in Houellebecq’s Possibility of an Island” (Anna Matthiesen, New School for Social Research)
  • “Fragmented Desire: Urban space and aesthetic representation in La Recherche (Alex Christie, Loyola University of Chicago)

******15 Minute Break******

Second Session: 11:45-1:15

Panel #1: Erotic Desire as Epistemological Tool, Rm. 8304 (Professor Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour-CUNY)

  • Amor mi mosse, che mi fa parlare: Medieval Italian Lyric Poetry and the Purpose of Desire” (Lisa Tagliaferri, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Salammbô and the Tree of Knowledge” (Anna Finkelstern, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “’The Need for Dreams’: Cause and Effect of Desire in Proust” (Yulia Greyman, CUNY Graduate Center)

Panel #2: The Male and the Female, Rm. 8400 (Mike Phillips-CUNY)

  • “The Carnal Feminist: Desire as a Political Force” (Caroline Godart, Rutgers University)
  • “Initiative and Intimacy in Frederick Barthelme’s Moon Deluxe” (Dennis Lawson, Rutgers University)
  • “’I Tried to Be a Pimp’: Desire and the Pimp Aesthetic in Charles Mingus’s Beneath the Underdog” (Eduardo Lopez-Dabdoub, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “The Animal Directory: Engendering the (Un)gendered in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It” (Israel Durham, Princeton Theological Seminary)

Panel #3: Desire in Medieval Romance, Rm. 8402 (Charlotte Lucy Latham-CUNY)

  • “Flushed Cheeks and Bloody Sheets in Chrétien de Troyes’ The Knight of the Cart” (Katie Walker, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
  • “Arthurian Appraisal in Thomas Chestre’s Sir Launfal” (James Stewart, University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
  • “Sir Gawain and Zizek’s Master-Slave Dialectic: The Law of the (Green) Father” (Andrew Eichel, University of Tennessee at Knoxville)

******1:15-2:15 Lunch******

Third Session: 2:15-3:45

Panel #1: Haunting Desires in the Supernatural, Rm. 8304 (Tom Ribitzky-CUNY)

  • “Asexy Bloodsucking: Asexuality, Eroticism, and the Vampire” (Nathan Erro, California State University, Stanislaus)
  • “Desiring the Undesirable: Stigmatizing the Beautiful and the Monstrous in Popular Romance” (Linda J. Lee, University of Pennsylvania)
  •  “Jekyll’s desire, Hyde’s ecstasy: the thirst for self-annihilation in Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous allegory” (Scott Ritner, New School for Social Research

Panel #2: Faith, Provocation, and Blasphemy, Rm. 8301 (Daniela D’Eugenio-CUNY)

  • “Predatory Nuns: Desire’s Corrosive Influence in Diderot’s The Nun” (Jessica Canton, University of Washington)
  • “The Perverse Comedy: Masochist Play in Gibson’s Passion of the Christ” (Ashley Albrecht, Purdue University)
  • “’Solemnly, Sincerely, and Truly’: A Desire to Bear Witness in Blanco White, Juan Goytisolo, and Anselm Kiefer” (Andrés Olmedo Orejuela, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Queering Christian Religious Sexualities: Investigations into Theosexualities” (Joel Layton, Graduate Theological Union and the Pacific School of Religion)

Panel #3: Poetics of Desire, Rm. 8400 (Anick Boyd-CUNY)

  • “Prophecy, Eros, and Mysticism in Alda Merini’s Poetry” (Laura Visco, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Fleas and teeth: love poetry of John Donne and Joseph Brodsky” (Vasily Lvov, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Sapphic Desire & ‘Nature’s Law’: The Social Anxiety of ‘Insignificance’” (Michael Slater, Northwestern University)
  • “’Thinking of Your Blue-Shadowed Silk:’ Elsie’s Kimono and the Poetics of Male Desire in Wallace Stevens’ ‘Peter Quince at the Clavier’” (James Hoff, CUNY Graduate Center)

Panel #4: The Desire of the Creator, Rm. 8402 (Patrick Reilly-CUNY)

  • “Shooting Star: Speed and Desire in Andy Warhol’s a: a novel” (Emily Larsen, New York University)
  • “’Into the pure present: Eroto-entropy in Cortázar’s Hopscotch” (Lara Rodriguez, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Desire for De(con)struction: The Unmaking of the Remake in THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS” (Trae DeLellis, University of Miami)
  • “Glittering Memory and Translucent Desire in Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmine“(Yu-Yun Hsieh, CUNY Graduate Center)

******15 Minute Break******

Fourth Session: 4:00-5:30

Panel #1: Movements of Desire, Rm. 8304 (Jamie Lennox-CUNY)

  • “Productive Desire: Anti-Oedipus as a Critique of Practical Reason” (Caemeron Crain, New School for Social Research)
  • “Georg Simmel and the Metaphysics of Love” (Sean Tommasi, Emory University)
  • “Butler, Zizek, and the Desiring Constitution of the Political” (Matthew Cunningham-Cook, Earlham College)
  • “A Phantom Eros: Fracturing the Phenomenology of Desire” (Erin Mizrahi, University of Southern California)

Panel #2: Desire in Twentieth Century Literature, Rm. 8400 (Professor Evelyne Ender-CUNY)

  • “American Eros: Implied Promiscuity in Henry James and Gertrude Stein” (Nelly Lambert, Catholic University)
  • “The Desiring Relique in Beckett’s Trilogy” (Jin Chang, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “On the Affections (and Infections) of Precarious Desire” (Daniel Irving, Binghamton University)

Panel #3 Perception and Desire in Horror Films, Rm. 8402 (Professor Giancarlo Lombardi-CUNY)

  • “Suspect Vision and Debilitating Desire in Georges Franju’s Les yeux sans visage” (Scott Vangel, University of Massachusetts)
  • “The Knifepoint of View: Conflicting Gazes in Slasher Horror” (Elizabeth Greeniaus, Mills College)
  • “Desire, Mimesis, and Murder: The Borch-Jacobsenian subject in American Psycho” (Ashna Ali, CUNY Graduate Center)

6:30 PM Welcome by André Aciman

Keynote Talk by Peter Brooks (Professor, Princeton University) 

“Desire at the End”

Friday, November 11th

******8:00-9:00 Breakfast & Registration in Room 5409******

First Session: 9:00-10:30

Panel #1: Representation and Desire in James Joyce, Rm. 8400 (Professor John Brenkman-CUNY)

  • “Joyce’s Critique of Kantian Ethics:, or the Necrophiliac Sublime” (Élan Reisner, Reed College)
  • “The Daedalus Complex: A Lacanian Analysis of James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” (Michael T. Smith, Purdue University)
  • “Female Jouissance in Joyce’s ‘Nausicaa’” (James Curley-Egan, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Transcendental Transgressions: The Mundane and Perverse in James Joyce’s Ulysses.” (Yelizaveta Shapiro, CUNY Graduate Center)

Panel #2: Desire and the Feminine the 19th Century Novel, Rm. 8304 (Laura Visco-CUNY)

  • Wuthering Heights: The Quest for Continuity” (Leticia Perez Alonso, University at Buffalo)
  • “Quixotic Female Desire in The Novels of Chopin, Dorothy Bryant and Jeanette Winterson” (Gina Maria Tomasulo, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Out of Bounds: Desire, Sexuality, and Spatial Marginalization in Villette and Madame Bovary” (Julia Paglieri, Hunter College)
  • “Dante’s notion of love, desire and knowledge in the characterization of Galdós’ Tristana” (Mariana Cruz-Fernandez, University of Notre Dame)

Panel #3: The Yearning of the Spectator, Rm. 8402 (Nataliya Gavrilova-CUNY)

  •  “Conspicuous Longing: Desiring as Critical Strategy in Christine Davis’ ‘Did I Love a Dream?’” (Frances Cullen, University of Alberta)
  • “Textual Desire and Politics of Closure in Nabokov’s Lolita” (Josie Torres Barth, Georgetown University)
  • “Modern Spectator’s Unfulfilled Desire Catalysing Aesthetic Beauty in Viewing Pre-Raphaelite Paintings” (Yuan Zhang, University of Sydney)
  • “’You will recall when we were reading together’: Towards an eros of reading in Longinus’ Peri Hupsous” (Valentine Gurfinkel, CUNY Graduate Center)

******15 Minutes******

Second Session: 10:45-12:15

Panel #1: Young Love, Rm. 8106 (Kelly Aronowitz-CUNY)

  • “Prioritizing Female Desire: Morality and Mercenary in the Novels of Louisa May Alcott” (Ilana Vine, New York University)
  • “The Bisected Body: Desire for the Other as a Revolt Against the Self in Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’” (Tom Ribitzky, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “A Piece of Metal: Examining Desire and its Impact on Female Identity in Young Adult Love Triangles” (Amy McDonald , Simmons College)
  • “Friendship, love, and teen genre films in Spain and Mexico” (Kathryn J. Mendez, CUNY Graduate Center)

Panel #2: Forbidden Desire, Rm. 8304 (Professor David Gerstner-CUNY)

  • “Dirty Jokes: Humor, Lust, and Eros in Kenneth Koch’s ‘The Art of Love’” (Madison Priest, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • ‘Queer(ed) Desire: The Limits of Our ‘Forbidden’ Identity’ (Rebecca Mertz, Penn State University)
  • “Longing for the all-consuming love: Romanticizing homosociality in slash fanfiction” (Hannah R. Mueller, Cornell University)
  • “Reclaiming Cinematic Sexuality and Sellier’s Voyeurism: Woman as Object and Subject in French New Wave Cinema and Beyond” (Joy Schaefer, Stony Brook University)

Panel #3: Identity and Eroticism in East Asian Visual Culture, Rm. 8400 (Professor Jerry W. Carlson-CUNY)

  •  “Erotic Fantasy and the Female Gaze in Japanese Yaoi Fan Comics” (Kathryn Hemmann, University of Pennsylvania)
  • “Body and Boundary: Reading ‘The Hand’ by Wang Kar-wai” (I-Ju Ruby Chen, Stony Brook University)
  • “Jetlagged Simultaneity as (Unfulfilled) Desires of Representation: Wong Kar-wai’s Cinematic Reinvention of Chinese Fraternity” (Jeffrey Twu, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “The Return of the Recalcitrant Desire: The study on the Taiwanese films of Wei-Te-Sheng” (Yao-hung Huang, National Taiwan Normal University)

Panel #4: The Limits of the Fetish, Rm. 8402 (Professor Vincent Crapanzano-CUNY)

  • “The Fetish of the Fetish (of the Fetish, etc….): Freud, Derrida, and Kristeva on the Fetish, Sexual Difference, and (undermining) the Dialectic)” (Eric Shorey, New School for Social Research)
  • “iDollatory: For the Love of Doll(s)” (Veronica Cassidy, New School for Social Research)
  • “The Humanimal: Humans, Animals: Asymptotal Ontologies” (Stefanie Sara Krasnow, New School for Social Research)

******12:15-1:15 Lunch******

Third Session: 1:15-2:45

Panel #1: Eros Unfulfilled, Rm. 8106 (Jonathan Liebembuk-CUNY)

  • “Looking, Loving, Losing: Desire in Sappho, Catullus, and Anne Carson” (Caroline Whitbeck, University of Pennsylvania)
  • “Killer Desire in the Lyric Imagery of Sophocles’ Electra” (Julia Crosser Scarborough, Harvard University)
  • “Tragic denial of Eros and desire: a comparative and intersemiotic reading of the Dainaides’ myth, from Aeschylus to Salieri” (Carlos A. Martins de Jesus, University of Coimbra)
  • “Desire as the Struggle for Immortality: Homer’s Iliad and its Influence” (Eric Morningstar, University of Michigan-Flint)

Panel #2: Sexuality, Pain, and Violence, Rm. 8402 (Yelizaveta Shapiro-CUNY)

  • “Spoken Desire:  a rereading of Corregidora’s final scene” (Kristin Imre, Boston College)
  •  “To Young Husbands and Girls with Burning Hinder Parts: Married Love, Ladies’ Almanack, and the Cure of Sexual Ignorance” (Kate Schnur, University of Michigan)
  • “The Penis System: Masculinity and Desire in Tom Brown and OZ” (Rodney M. DeaVault, Simmons College)
  • “Gentle Violations and the Masculine Symbolic:  Modern Masks of Masculine Desire—Negation, Abjection, and the Erotic in the Masochistic Novels of Jean Genet and Yukio Mishima” (Jeremy Valentine Freeman, Concordia University at Montreal)

Panel #3: Psychoanalysis and Sexuality, Rm. 8400 (Professor Richard Kaye-CUNY)

  • “The Courage of the ‘Pervert’ (Jake Reeder, Birbeck College)
  • “Beyond ‘the Dialectic of Desire’ From Lack to (Queer) Desiring-Machines” (Stephen Seely, Rutgers University)
  • “Desire as Death: Djuna Barnes and the Queer Apocalypse” (Ery Shin, Oxford University)

Panel #4: Definitions of Desire, Thought, and Friendship, Rm. 8304 (Valentine Gurfinkel-CUNY)

  • “Demands and Desires in the Letters of Pliny the Younger” (Allannah Karas, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “Philosopher Villains: Nietzsche and Sade” (Kevin McCann, New York University)
  • “The Parallel Hypothesis: ‘Minding’ the Desire and Desiring the Mind” (Yubraj Aryal, Purdue University)
  • “Things Revealed Since My Reading of Girard” (Paul Elliot, Purdue University)

******15 Minute Break******

Fourth Session: 3:00-4:30 

Panel #1: Motive and Aesthetic in the Renaissance, Rm. 8304 (Professor Clare Carroll-CUNY)

  • “The Compass of Desire: Reconfiguring the Erotic in the Mirrored Image of the Faerie Queen” (Josie Schoel, San Francisco University)
  • “An Argument for Motive in Elizabethan Drama” (Jesse Tandler, CUNY Graduate Center)
  • “The ‘Willful Eye:’ Visualizing Desire in Sidney, Shakespeare, and Chapman” (Sarah Case, Princeton University)
  • “Charlotte Smith and Petrarch: Desire and the Melancholic Lover in Elegiac Sonnets” (Keith Hasperg, Georgetown University)

Panel #2: Personifications of Eros, Rm. 8402 (Claire Sommers-CUNY)

  • “Short on Erotics: Eros as Epic Hero in Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica 3.275-298” (Patrick Burns, Fordham University)
  • “Chariton’s Eros” (Lauren Carpenter, Fordham University)
  • “The Ego in Love” (Natalie Adler, Brown University)
  • “’The Shadowed Crossing of Heart-Roads’: Orpheus, Eros, and the Myth of Oblativity” (David Markus, University of Chicago)
  • “Plato, Ficino, and the scala amoris” (Katie Deutsch, Harvard University)

Panel  #3: Erotics of the Body, Rm. 8400 (Ashna Ali-CUNY)

  • “’The Universal Pimp’: Tracing Desire in Marx’s Early Writings” (Jacob Denz, New York University)
  • “Baudelaire, Wilde, and the Ovidian Erotics of Transformation” (Frank Capogna, Northeastern University)
  • “This Literary Sex, Which is Not One: Dennis Cooper and the Frisky Business of Pornology’s Literary Supplements” (Joshua Winchester, New York University)
  • “Desire in (on) (within) (and without) (the body of) Contemporary (un) Pornography” (Kelly Aronowitz, CUNY Graduate Center)

5:00 in Skylight Room, with welcome by André Aciman

 Keynote Talk by David Konstan (Professor, New York University)

 “Beauty and Desire, or When did Aesthetics Go Astray?”

Closing remarks by Conference Committee

 Eros, c. 150-100 B.C. from Myrina (From Freud's collection)